chapter  36
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WithAnthony Langan

KEY POINTS: x This chapter brings together good practice and recent stand-

ards, but the Department for Education should be consulted for the very latest standards and guidelines

x The design of schools is a highly political, and constantly evolving, field of study

x The current emphasis is on efficient, compact forms that are easy to extend

x Schools should be designed as low-carbon environments with high quality natural lighting and should be naturally ventilated in all but the most exceptional circumstances

Contents 1 Introduction 2 School types 3 Key design information and design standards 4 Environmental design, sustainability and low carbon design 5 School furniture and ergonomics 6 Security and fire safety 7 Early Years school design 8 Primary schools 9 Secondary schools

10 SEN provision 11 References

1 INTRODUCTION This chapter specifically relates to the design of schools in England and Wales at the time of writing. In other parts of the UK, design standards and education delivery varies.