chapter  10
Gender Equity in the Use of Educational Technology
ByGypsy Abbott and Lisa Bievenue, Suzanne Damarin and Cheris Kramarae, et al.
Pages 24

Clearly, rapid advances in information technologies have transformed nearly every aspect of our world in the last decade. This has required an immediate response from educators to adequately prepare future members of the 21st century workforce. Early responses ranged from immediate use of information technology (especially the Internet) for the sake of technology itself to thoughtful integration that supports learning and curricular goals, especially as specified by national professional organizations (e.g., the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE; Hastily applied uses of information technology were not without justification, since schools are expected to respond to societal and economic forces that demand new workers to be facile with new technologies. However, now that the use of information technology both in and out of schools is pervasive, the emphasis is on who, how, and for what purpose the technologies are used.