chapter  26
Gender Equity and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues in Education
ByJoe Kosciw, Eliza Byard, Sean N. Fischer, Courtney Joslin
Pages 20

Jesse Montgomery was subjected to frequent and continual teasing from the time he was in kindergarten. To his classmates, he was never quite enough of a “boy,” so throughout his school years other students referred to him as a girl, calling him “Jessica,” as well as fag, homo, freak, princess, fairy, lesbian, femme boy, bitch, queer, pansy, and queen. The harassment became physical in sixth grade, when he was punched, knocked down, and even super-glued to his seat. He was also subjected to assaults of a more sexual nature, as students grabbed his upper legs, inner thighs, chest, and crotch; or threw him to the ground and pretended to rape him anally; or sat on his lap and bounced while pretending to have intercourse with him. Over the years, officials and school staff did little to address the on-going harassment that Jesse experienced.