chapter  30
Improving Gender Equity in Postsecondary Education
ByJoanne Cooper, Pamela Eddy, Jeni Hart, Jaime Lester, Scott Lukas, Betsy Eudey, Judith Glazer-Raymo, Mary Madden
Pages 24

As we begin the 21st century, women still long for what Jane Rowland Martin (2000) called a “global campaign for a womanfriendly academy” (p. 182). A woman-friendly academy would not only embrace the needs of women students, faculty members, staff, and administrators today, but also create a future filled with greater possibilities for women and men in higher education today. This chapter will explore the present state of gender equity in the academy, examining why calls for reform persist, as well as what current efforts are under way to change the situation for all participants in higher education.