chapter  4
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Quantitative Research Methods and Designs in Consultation

Research in school-based consultation has lagged behind the advances made in other areas of intervention research, such as applied behavior analysis, psychotherapy, and counseling, in terms of both quality and methodological sophistication. Gresham and Kendell (1987) noted that most consultation research at that time was elementary, unsophisticated, and descriptive relative to the knowledge produced by intervention research published in other areas of psychology and education. Unfortunately, there has not been a substantial improvement in the quality of school-based consultation research since that time relative to advances that have been made in other areas of intervention research. For example, the volume edited by Kazdin (2003) stands as a testament to the sophistication of methodological issues and strategies in clinical research. Stoiber and Kratochwill (2000) noted that there is an increasing movement toward developing and utilizing evidencebased practices in psychology, psychiatry, and pediatric psychology. However, similar advances are not apparent in the consultation research base.