chapter  13
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Studying Multicultural Aspects of Consultation

WithColette L. Ingraham

Today’s schools, universities, and communities are composed of increasingly culturally diverse populations, and contemporary researchers and practitioners are challenged to demonstrate the e%cacy of their work within multicultural settings. "ere is a growing body of literature that informs the study of multicultural aspects of consultation. "e purpose of this chapter is to summarize current research $ndings, methods, and literature and to propose future directions for studying the multicultural aspects of school consultation. "e chapter begins with conceptual foundations about culture and the multicultural aspects of consultation, followed by an examination of research methods used to study these aspects, a summary of extant research $ndings, and an integration of what we know about the processes and outcomes attained through multicultural approaches to consultation. "e chapter concludes with a summary of available evidence regarding the multicultural aspects of consultation and sets a research agenda for future investigations to contribute to this area of consultation research and practice.