chapter  12
Teachers’ professional development for small class teaching in Hong Kong and Taiwan
Pages 15

While class size reduction is generally regarded as providing more favourable conditions for teaching and learning, research shows that the benefits of a small class environment will not come automatically if teachers do not make change to their teaching (Anderson, 2000; Blatchford, 2011; Blatchford, Kutnick, Baines and Galton, 2003; Evertson and Randolph, 1989; Finn and Achilles, 1999; Galton and Pell, 2009; Hattie, 2005). Effective teaching in small class settings requires concrete actions by teachers to make adjustments in their approaches to curriculum, instruction and assessment, and hence enhance the learning opportunities available for their pupils (Brophy, 2000; Hong Kong Education and Manpower Bureau, 2004; Graue and Rauscher, 2009; Yen, 2009).