chapter  13
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Leading the lesson study process in schools


Lesson study has attracted the attention of educators in various parts of the world since the end of the 1990s. In Singapore, the practice of lesson study started in 2005, and it is currently taught under the Management and Leadership in Schools Programme (MLS). One of the authors is regularly in charge of conducting this course and has encountered various questions from participants. Such questions are important because many teachers are likely to ask similar questions as well. Starting a new practice involves some difficulty, particularly if one must spearhead the introduction. Chokshi and Fernandez (2004) indicate how difficult it is to implement lesson study smoothly, and how it is understandable that people would have many questions. Questions are not necessarily only from ordinary teachers, but also from those who lead the practice. According to our experience in conducting the lesson study course in MLS, these questions can be categorised into types, and they can guide mid-level leaders to lead professional learning activities based on lesson study. Thus, it is crucial to respond to and clarify such questions.