chapter  1
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Learning to learn: the coach as a reflective practitioner

WithBrendan Cropley, Andy Miles, Toby Nichols

This chapter will attempt to help readers develop a better understanding of some of the principles of reflective practice. It will discuss some of the misconceptions around what constitutes reflective practice within sports coaching in order to help readers consider the ways in which they might interrogate their own practice in the interest of enhancing the effectiveness of their work. In accord with these aims, we would like to establish from the outset that as coaches we need to view reflective practice as an approach and disposition to:

a) examining and better understanding the self and the agency that we have to impact on goal achievement;

b) understanding the connection and interplay between theory and practice in order to question the established traditions in the field;

c) transforming our experiences, and those of others, into learning; and d) ensuring that learning is translated into improved practice.