chapter  1
A short history of cyber warfare
ByRichard Stiennon
Pages 26

This chapter weaves together two strands of history that provide an understanding of the rapid rise in cyber preparedness on the part of the military and government organisations of the developed world. The chapter considers the importance and impact of military academic thinking in China in the early 1990s, and examines a number of other crucial cyber-attacks (beyond Titan Rain). The Military-Technical Revolution (MTR) promulgated by writers in Russia following the first Gulf War, and its development into the modern RMA, is then discussed. Next the chapter moves to a consideration of three key instances of cyber warfare 'proper' that have occurred in recent years: the attacks on Estonia, Georgia and Iran. Finally, the chapter examines the modern rise of cyber commands, particularly in the United States. The history of cyber warfare is bound up with the history of cyber-attacks from the earliest viruses to sophisticated attacks on consumer banking applications to economic and diplomatic espionage.