chapter  10
Creating a Low Carbon Zone in Brixton, London, UK
Bywith Sara Fuller
Pages 20

The London Borough of Lambeth is one of the most densely populated of the 14 local authorities which make up inner London, with a population of around 300,000 (London Borough of Lambeth 2013a), and it is comprised of multiple urban centres including Brixton. Known for its vibrant, multicultural and diverse communities (London Borough of Lambeth 2013b), over the past five years multiple interventions to respond to climate change have been conducted in Brixton. In this chapter, we examine how the Mayor of London’s Low Carbon Zone (LCZ) was deployed in Brixton, showing how this has established new networks and initiatives through which the low carbon transition is being orchestrated in London. The LCZ has facilitated a shift from instrumental, top-down interventions to foster sustainable energy practices to an ongoing process of organic self-regulation that built upon previous experiences of sustainable food management. This shift has challenged a priori assumptions about who could intervene and how in achieving a sustainable energy system for Brixton.