chapter  12
Urban transformation and urban politics
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In this book, we have argued that understanding the urban politics of climate change requires examining the ways in which the socio-technical and socioecological configurations that make up the city are being reordered and aligned with new forms of climate change governmentality. As we argued in Chapter 11, at the heart of any such analysis must be an engagement with the consequences of these processes for social and environmental justice. We start from the argument that a will to improve the urban in relation to climate change has become apparent not only in the policies and strategies of municipalities, but through a range of forms of experimentation undertaken by various actors in multiple guises. Rather than regarding experiments as standalone exemplars, we suggest they provide a key means through which the urban governing of climate change is conducted and accomplished; a form of ‘governing by experiment’ that enables a response to the uncertainty of climate change, works across the fragmented authority to govern and takes place without overt challenge to existing political and economic structures.