chapter  18
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Dance, drama and music

WithPaul Kleiman

The disciplines of dance, drama and music comprise what are normally referred to as the ‘performing arts’ disciplines. Each of the three disciplines, with their interlocking and interconnecting communities of practice, is a complex, multi-faceted, multi-layered network of identities, relationships, values, discourses and practices. The aim of this chapter is to identify some of the key aspects that are central to the effective teaching and learning of those three disciplines in UK higher education. Importantly, it does not offer ‘instant answers’ or ‘top tips’, but – especially in the ‘Interrogating practice’ sections – it does pose some questions. The challenge to all those engaged in teaching dance, drama and music is, importantly, to understand all these various aspects and questions as they relate to the context you are working in. The task therefore is to design, create and implement approaches to teaching and learning, and the environments in which they occur, that provide – for both students and staff – experiences and achievements of the highest quality and value.