ByStephen P. Turner, Mark L. Wardell
Pages 5

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts of key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book. The book gropes along and across several borders with sociological theory on the one side, academic and practical discourses on the other. It has the purpose of placing in perspective the conceptual legacy of the recent past. Humanism, structuralism, Parsonianism, in general the image of sociology as an autonomous discipline governed by its own rules of development, present a practice as alien or subordinate to theory. The reconstruction of sociological theory must be based on something other than a renewed commitment to socialist humanism, a puristic return to the theoretical logic of 'action and order', or even a renewed attempt to mediate old antinomies among research, theory and practice. Sociological theory now appears to be facing a transition in which these older lines and divisions will themselves change, for reasons that are now emerging.