chapter  13
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Cultural Studies and Consumer Culture


As the purpose of this book is to consider the multiple moral and ethical issues that surround, shape and are roundly ignored by consumer culture, this chapter will consider what cultural studies brings to the table. Now, here it is important to say that what cultural studies is, what it does, where it came from and where it’s going has been subject, over the years, to some very animated discussion and vigorous debate (e.g. Gilbert 2008; Grossberg 1998; Hall 1980; Steele 1997). My chapter will, therefore, necessarily present a partial view of the subject-one shaped by the histories, interests, convictions and disciplinary prejudices of its author-and should, therefore, be treated with the caution it, like any other piece of writing, deserves, coming as it does from one particular ‘standpoint’ (Haraway 1988).