chapter  2
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Theory of Collaborative Innovation and Management Innovation


This conclusion presents some closing thoughts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book. The book organizes the main managerial factors that are assembled as 'the knowledge integration model' to promote the configurations of new ecosystems through collaborative innovation, and the insights extracted from a number of case studies and existing research. The business ecosystems configured in medical institutions through collaborative innovation with other medical institutions, medical equipment and pharmaceutical manufacturers, and the ICT industry have brought improvements to the quality of healthcare and customer service by promoting the development of new treatment methods and raising the levels of various types of healthcare support. The consistency of the individual managerial factors at the core of corporate systems, such as strategy, organizations, technologies, operations and leadership, and with corporate systems and the environment achieves a management innovation model and the strategic innovation capability required for corporate growth, and thus brings about the competitiveness required to create, grow and develop an ecosystem.