chapter  4
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A Product Innovation of a Timeline System as a Health Support Ecosystem

WithSupport Ecosystem YOSHIAKI KONDO

With the continued falling birth rates and aging of society, the medical and healthcare fields are facing issues such as increases in lifestyle-related diseases and the uneven distribution of medical resources. To solve these problems, it is important that the roles that are assigned to various healthcare institutions be based on their individual capabilities, rather than one institution trying to provide all forms of healthcare, so that patient illness can be detected and treated as quickly as possible. Thus, there is great promise for ICT to bring about partnerships between local healthcare providers, that, as one approach, entails the linking of healthcare information between these institutions using ICT (e.g., Cruz-Correia et al., 2007; Kilic, Dogac, and Eichelberg, 2010; Serbanati, Ricci, and Mercurio, 2011; Wozak, Ammenweth, Hörbst, Sögner, and Mair, 2008).