ByKeith Busby, Karen A. Grossweiner1
Pages 90

Karen A. Grossweiner had primary responsibility for the compilation of the bibliography. French Arthurian literature has not only a chronological advantage but also a quantitative one: there is simply more of it. There has been no dearth of editions of, and studies on, medieval French Arthurian literature from the mid-nineteenth century onwards. For many decades, there was a dearth of good editions of the romances of Chretien de Troyes. This fact is all the more remarkable in the light of Chretien's crucial role in the evolution of the gerne. A number of major studies of Chretien de Troyes have appeared in the last fifteen years. The writing of romance is also conditioned by a rhetorical process governed by the rules and prescriptions of the medieval arts of poetry, part of what could be viewed as the literary theory of the Middle Ages.