ByJohn T. Koch
Pages 85

This chapter addresses recent developments in the study of early Arthurian texts in Latin that took shape within a Celtic milieu and that have been largely the province of Celtic scholars. Arthurian literatures would be of greatest interest to readers outside of Celtic studies. As a generally conservative field, the pace of new ideas is perhaps less swift in Celtology than that in the turbulent mainstream. Pre-Galfridian Arthurian literature tends now to be dealt with as a subject in its own right and not merely as one avenue for pursuing the historical problem. Despite the amount of attention the subject has already received, a rigorously philological and historical linguistic study of the onomastics of the continental Arthurian literature by a scholar with expertise in all the requisite languages remains a desideratum. At various points, traces of Arthurian tradition in the other Brittonic countries, Cornwall, Brittany, and Cumbrian North Britain have been noted.