ByNorris J. Lacy
Pages 21

Introducing a recent bibliographical essay on translations of medieval French Arthurian literature, "French Arthurian Literature in English Translation", Quondam et Futurus: A Journal of Arthurian Interpretations. Anthologies are crucial materials for making Arthuriana available to a wide public, including students, and the bibliography includes several of them. They are particularly important for languages for which comparatively little Arthurian material appears in English translation: a few texts are presented in translation most conveniently, or in some cases solely, in anthologies. Although English translations of Scandinavian, Italian, Hispanic, and Dutch materials have given us access to excellent and important works, the volume of such work is slim. Desiderata include Hispanic Tristan texts, derived from the French Prose Tristan, and the Spanish and Portuguese manuscripts, fragments, and even incunabula that adapt the Vulgate and Post-Vulgate cycles and that, in some cases, are the only remaining witnesses of the Post-Vulgate.