chapter  5
Open access versus the culture of protocols
ByHoward Morphy
Pages 15

This chapter presents a work currently in progress, or perhaps more accurately, in process, directed at conceiving and planning for a place where culture is performed. The National Commission on Culture was established in 1990 by Provisional National Defense Council Law 238 to manage from a holistic perspective, the Cultural life of the country. In the execution of the aforementioned, the National Commission on Culture is enjoined, among other things, to promote the evolution of an integrated National Culture, supervise the implementation of programmers for the preservation, promotion and representation of Ghana tradition and values; and perform such other functions as may be prescribed by government. Appearing on the homepage of the National Commission on Culture, this profile conveys a sense of how culture is officially articulated in Ghana today. Ghana, like many young nation states, is grappling with the challenges of forging a national identity in a postcolonial multiethnic society.