chapter  10
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Refl ections on the Diversity (Rationale) Literature: Examining the Potential and Need for Critical Diversity Research Praxis

ByUma M. Jayakumar and Annie S. Adamian, with Mitchell James Chang

In the quote above, Paulo Freire (1970) conveys the need for naming and understanding systems of oppression, as well as the nonstatic nature of both the problem and the subsequent strategies and actions toward transformation. Most importantly, he points to hope for change through action-refl ection, praxis. The world, in the case of this chapter, the U.S. legal system, is embedded within a hegemonic colonial racial system that must be named in order to be challenged. Understanding the context can be useful for informing post-Fisher social science advocacy and diversity scholarship within an increasingly restrictive and conservative affi rmative action legal paradigm. But arguments rooted in these truths alone have not resonated within a paradigm that has explicitly rejected structural racism as a justifi cation for affi rmative action, a program initially enacted with the stated purpose of overcoming the nation’s legacy of discrimination and segregation.