chapter  2
Motivation and GHRM
Overcoming the paradox
WithKerrie L. Unsworth, Amy Tian
Pages 16

This chapter explores the role of motivation in human resource (HR) practices and examines how 'green motivation' is different to traditional work performance motivation. It highlights how conventional HR practices will affect green motivation and suggests some ways forward. The chapter deals with the fact that the pro-environmental goal. It discusses the theories which consider factors that may help green motivation when the pro-environmental goal is secondary to, or conflicting with, the primary work goals. The most obvious way in which HR has attempted to address a form of pro-environmental self-concordance is through motivation-enhancing Human Resource Management (HRM) practices. Pro-environmental goals are usually tangential to the core business of the organisation and to the core needs of the employee and thus are usually of a much lower priority to employees. Performance-based compensation/incentives can be seen as a strong extrinsic motivation based HRM practice, and there is a tendency for these rewards to undermine intrinsic motivation.