chapter  3
Employee engagement in managing environmental performance
A case study of the Planet Champion initiative, McDonalds UK and Sweden
WithChandana Sanyal, Julie Haddock-Millar
Pages 18

This chapter examines an employee involvement initiative in McDonald's subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Sweden, and the relationship with human resource development factors such as employee engagement and leadership with environmental performance. Employee involvement can be described as cultivating employee interest and dedication for greater employee participation in the workplace. Green training and development educate employees about the value of environmental management, train them in working methods that conserve energy, reduce waste, diffuse environmental consciousness inside the organisation and offer an opportunity to engage employees in environmental problem-solving. The development of green leadership and commitment from top management is seen by many as a pre-requisite for employee engagement. Performance evaluation and regular review of goals and accountabilities can instil a sense of shared responsibility for environmental outcomes amongst key stakeholders, including employees. McDonald's aspiration is to develop and operate the most environmentally efficient restaurants, delivering value to the business and the communities in which their restaurants operate.