chapter  8
Implementing sustainable HRM
The new challenge of corporate sustainability
WithCathy Xu, Paul J. Gollan, Adrian Wilkinson
Pages 21

This chapter examines the role human resources management (HRM) can play in achieving corporate sustainability and discusses what extent sustainable HRM is a new people management approach transcending strategic human resources management (SHRM) and its key underlying dimensions. It explores two selected approaches to implementing sustainable HRM, with one based on an integrated diagnostic framework, and the other underpinned by the complexity theory and complex adaptive system (CAS) thinking. Apart from using a CAS approach to understanding and managing firms' environmental initiative and business performance, CAS is suggested as being equally applicable to the studies of SHRM and the social dimension of corporate sustainability or CSR. The CAS approach is particularly relevant and useful for organizations demonstrating intrinsic commitment to sustainability, where human resources is extensively involved in strategic planning. The chapter provides the implications and directions for future research.