chapter  14
Ketebul Music
Retracing and Archiving Kenya’s Popular Music
WithWilliam “Tabu” Osusa, Bill Odidi
Pages 10

In June 2007, a group of stakeholders in the Kenyan music industry embarked on an ambitious mission to carry out research, archive, develop and promote the diverse music traditions of east Africa. Ketebul music was set up by people concerned that cultural actors have been unable to get their due space in the history of independent Kenya. Using physical and online distribution, Ketebul music always makes its material accessible to a wide range of local and foreign researchers who have an interest in Kenyan music. Ketebul Music believes proper documentation and recording are essential for archiving the past and making it available to new generations of economic, social and political actors. When Ketebul music released the documentary Retracing the Benga Rhythm in December 2008, the country's leading TV stations were quick to embrace it as value-adding and well-produced content for their stations. The archival work at Ketebul Music is tightly related to production projects with the current generation of musicians.