chapter  9
Protested homecomings
Xinjiang Class graduates and reacclimating to life in Xinjiang
WithTimothy Grose
Pages 19

This chapter describes the circumstances Xinjiang Class graduates were under when they decide to return to Xinjiang. It suggests that few Xinjiang Class graduates return to Xinjiang with the intention of serving the Party. The chapter also describes how these young adults reacclimate to daily life in Xinjiang. Politically, the Xinjiang Class is intended to train a new generation of minority minzu elite, who are sympathetic to the party and who, in the wake of recent violence, provide a stabilising element to the region. The chapter shows how those Xinjiang class graduates who have returned to Xinjiang have not done so to repay the Chinese communist party (CCP) for its altruism. Xinjiang class students have been promised the reins of Xinjiang's development programs, but they, like non-Xinjiang class Uyghurs, often find themselves on the sidelines. Some individuals attempt to pave new avenues leading to opportunities abroad.