chapter  3
The daughter takes a farm – organic farming in the Arctic
ByTom McVey
Pages 9

The most important aspect of Bellona's work, is acting not only on behalf of Norway, but on behalf of the international society. In addition to it's headquarters in Oslo, Bellona has satellite offices in Brussels, Washington DC, St. Petersburg, and Murmansk, has sixty-five employees, and helps scholars in the physical and social sciences to find innovative solutions for Earth's most pressing environmental problems. Bellona explores the intersections between technology and legislation to fight global warming, its issue of highest priority and "the greatest challenge of our time". Bellona started out in 1986 to raise public awareness about large-scale environmental problems like nuclear waste, but now its focus is "more from pollution to solution". Frederic Hauge is the co-founder and president of Bellona; he has made progress for the environmental lobby where many others have failed. Instead of being viewed as renegades or environmental extremists, Hauge says, Bellona wants to be a real information source for decision-makers in Norway and abroad.