chapter  4
Reindeers and teepees: restoring young minds through the power of nature
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The strategy NorthWare employed was to grow its internal ranks first and then compete for market shares, so the company had to rely on governmental money to fund its growth. Thor, the entrepreneurial founder of NorthWare, a young firm providing ICT services and software consultancy, appears to enjoy the luxury of turning down business opportunities that don't fit into his general strategy for NorthWare. Norwegians spend way more on software licenses than on developing software. The original idea at NorthWare was to develop software: 'free software'. NorthWare is going to make money by offering these continuous improvements. NorthWare had to grow bigger, in terms of employees, to be able to capture market shares. NorthWare is still competing with large global corporations like Microsoft and Apple. Throughout its first year in business, the NorthWare has spent far more time looking for public support than it has looking for customers.