chapter  5
First came love, then came chocolate: pioneering a new Værøy tradition
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This chapter speaks about a man risking both his salary and his very career to stand up, alone, for what he thinks is right. Unnerving silence The author was greeted by stares of disdain aimed in my direction. The path quivered with gravel divots and uneven rocks. Not enough to make a person lose their footing, but enough to require attention to the paths of your feet. Trygve walked the trail with both anticipation and trepidation. e other adventurers grabbed nearby bicycles to assist their trek, as the sign indicated a three-kilometer path. But he had time and needed to think. Accepting the settlement included an acceptance of the director's sustained presence at the school, a thought that screamed injustice. The single bird fluttered its wings as it approached, and then perched on, a nearby rock. Trygve said aloud, savoring the visit. The bird, to its credit, remained perfectly calm despite the strangeness of the situation.