chapter  6
A captain and his way through the ice – a history of the Northern Sea Route
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The Progress Party shows how members of a small conservative political party resist the welfare state that tends to focus on the greater good for the most people. In a manifesto Anders Behring Breivik reportedly emailed 90 minutes before the Oslo bombing, he called for a new Christian crusade against "cultural Marxists" and Muslims. His targeting of the Labor Party was apparently motivated by his belief that its immigration policies and liberal multiculturalism were deteriorating what he saw as the properly Christian identity of Europe. It soon came to light that Breivik was a former member of the Progress Party but had left it several years earlier. Party leader Siv Jensen promptly posted this statement on their Website: The Progress Party is embarrassed, disgusted and truly sad that the accused terrorist was once a member of the party. According to Jensen, terrorism succeeded Soviet Communism as the great threat their time, and the problem lies in correctly identifying the enemy.