chapter  13
Lo–Ve is complicated – Steinar’s uneasy co-existence of tourism and petroleum in the Lofoten–Vesterålen archipelago
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This chapter presents an overview of key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book. The book raises some broader issues about contemporary ethnography. It also draws on the authors interviews with most of the authors about their experiences in Norway. The author interviewed most of the Texas-based authors and had copies of interviews that Jan-Oddvar conducted with the Norway-based authors. The Norway-based authors worked and lived at the university, not with the subjects of their stories, while the Texas-based authors spent at most just a few months in Norway. Ethnography occupies a borderland between the social sciences and the humanities, thus the virtues and felicities of stylistic writing and the narrative conventions and experiments that carry ethnography to readers. It's normally hard for ethnographers to develop judgment about how clear, how insightful, how organized, and so forth their writing is. Traditionally, ethnographers try to live among and participate in as much of a culture as they can.