chapter  18
Norway under attack
ByMelissa Murphy, Maegan Stephens
Pages 10

Jørgen reached over for his phone, which rested conveniently between his pillow and the edge of the bed. With eyes still closed, he switched off the alarm but kept the phone in his hand. Almost without thinking he wiped the sleep from his eyes and quickly worked his ngertips across the touch screen. It was still early, so few of his friends had updated yet, but this was his morning ritual. Scrolling with his thumb, he scanned the news feed of his Facebook page and then noticed the red †ag in the upper-left corner of his screen. Other Young Labour Party members, knowing it was useless to try and contact him late at night, often left him Facebook messages that he would nd upon waking. Being the party’s County Secretary of Nordland, which was a full-time position, entailed a lot of work, but Jørgen wouldn’t have it any other way.