chapter  21
First female mayor strikes largest oil deal for dying Hammerfest
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Fishermen in the High North are a tough breed. They risk their lives to battle the frigid Arctic weather, using heavy, dangerous equipment in often raging seas. Consistently listed as one of the world’s most dangerous jobs, deep-water fishing belongs to such men as these – strong, resilient, gruff, hard-working. Actually, this toughness and aptitude for survival runs deep in the bloodline of High North’s women, too. That is why Kristine Jørstad Bock’s appearance is deceptive. Her slight but athletic figure, smooth skin, forest-green eyes, and bright smile combine to make her a stunningly attractive young woman. But while her looks epitomize feminine kindness, behind those kind eyes she houses a fisherman’s soul – the fight, the strength, the directness, the integrity. Her mother instilled these qualities in her from a young age. Proud of the unique heritage of the High

North, her mother had a passion for protecting nature’s gifts of land and sea. She understood how vulnerable their people were on a small, yet strategically located, patch of Norway and she felt a deep obligation to protect the future of her countrymen.