chapter  2
A daredevil’s passion: an entrepreneur shares his secrets
ByRagnhild Johnson
Pages 11

With nearly twenty-five years experience in Norway's oil-and-gas industry, Liv had fair claim to being an expert on its culture, or the part of it dealing with its health, safety, and environmental concerns, otherwise known as "HSE". The problem that Liv faces is, the employees she's charged with managing tend to fall into extremes: they're either over-compliant, mindless followers, whom she calls "sheep", or they're sneakily rebellious, independent-minded smarties, whom she calls "wolves". Liv wishes that the sheep would be more mindful and critical thinkers, since the offshore petroleum environment is already risky enough, and ignorant compliance can be just as dangerous as not complying at all. There is one HSE company policy that sheep and wolves follow differently: the notorious handrail policy. According to this policy all employees must hold onto a handrail while walking up or down steps. Regardless of whether sheep and wolves are working onshore or offshore, the culture of these standards will be robust.