chapter  10
Unsettling Yarns: Reinscribing Indigenous Architectures, Contemporary Dreamings, and Newcomer Belongings on Ngunnawal Country, Australia
ByAdam Duncan, Fran Dawning, Affrica Taylor
Pages 22

Ngunnawal Country is the traditional ancestral Land of the Ngunnawal people. There is evidence that Aboriginal people have lived in this area for at least 25,000 years (ACT Government, 2010), making it some of the oldest continually inhabited country on earth. There are still Ngunnawal people living here today (Brown et al., 2007). As well as being home to Ngunnawal people for millennia, this Country was also known to be an important meeting place for ceremony, trade, lore, knowledge, and marriage exchange among Ngarigo, Walpiri, Gundangurra, Walgalu and Yuin peoples from neighboring regions (Brown, 2013).