chapter  11
Reordering the Beginning Chapters of Division Two of Being and Time
WithSophia Dandelet, Hubert Dreyfus
Pages 7

Martin Heidegger describes anticipation as a possibility of resoluteness, and he says that resoluteness tends towards anticipation. This suggests that any explanation of anticipation will be incomplete without some prior understanding of resoluteness. At the beginning of Division Two Heidegger seems poised to continue the pattern of describing past before future, he says quite naturally that he will describe the whole of Dasein from beginning to end. Heidegger's teleological explanation of anticipatory resoluteness consists in two claims: anticipation is a possibility of resoluteness, and resoluteness tends towards anticipation. This chapter points out several puzzling comments in Division Two where Heidegger tries to illuminate the phenomena of being-towards-death. These comments are puzzling because they suggest that a single way of being, being-towards-death, is characterized by contradictory phenomena. The chapter argues that the confusion arises because there is not in fact a single way of being that is being-towards-death.