chapter  1
Authenticity and the Question of Being
WithCharles Guignon
Pages 13

According to generally accepted accounts, when Heidegger was put up for a promotion and learned he had to produce a major publication, he retreated to his cabin and wrote a final draft of the first Division of Being and Time in about four weeks. Heidegger continued writing during the summer of 1926 and in the end he completed the Introduction and two divisions of the projected three that were supposed to make up the first half of the completed work. Readers of Heidegger are well aware that he starts his magnum opus with a question he finds formulated by Plato and other early philosophers, the question that asks in the broadest way possible what is it to be anything of whatever sort we happen to be considering. Heidegger provides what he calls the 'formal meaning' of Dasein's Being, an initial formulation that 'anticipates analyses, in which our results will be authentically exhibited for the first time'.