chapter  6
Jaspers, Limit-Situations, and the Methodological Function of Authenticity
WithStephan Käufer
Pages 21

This chapter argues that Heidegger uses the phenomenology of authentic Dasein to solve a methodological problem he first articulates in the Jaspers review. It then discusses that Heidegger uses his own version of the limit-situations of death and guilt to solve the methodological problem. The chapter also outlines the course of the overall argument in light of this role of the discussions of death and guilt. There is circumstantial reason to expect that Jaspers had substantial impact on Being and Time. Heidegger did not publish his review of Jaspers's book, but privately sent it to Jaspers in hopes of prompting philosophical discussion and a closer relationship. Jaspers and Heidegger indeed became friends, of a sort, joining together in what Heidegger describes as a Kampfgemeinschaft, engaged in the struggle against the staleness of entrenched philosophy. Heidegger's review distinguishes between intending an object and grasping it.