chapter  10
The impact of Brazil’s expanding hydrocarbon reserves on its relations with the US and the PRC
WithMoreira Susana
Pages 19

This chapter looks at the rapid growth of Brazil's oil reserves and what it means for Brazil and its relations with the United States (US) and China, the world's two largest oil consumers. First, it looks at how the world's two top consumers of oil are reacting to Brazil's expanding oil reserves and its changing oil fortunes. Second, it compares their reactions and how these reactions have affected Brazil's behavior. Brazil's expanding hydrocarbon wealth drew the attention of the US as well as China, the world's largest consumers of oil. US-Brazil relations had been rapidly expanding, as evidenced by increased numbers of joint exercises between their militaries; joint promotion of biofuels development in Africa and Latin America China's response of showering President Rousseff with billions of dollars in pledged investments in successive high-level exchanges bodes well for Sino-Brazilian relations. Finally, the chapter concludes with an assessment of how Brazil's oil wealth influences Brazil-US-China relations.