chapter  3
US energy security strategy and China’s energy diplomacy 1
WithHerberg Mikkal
Pages 17

The US's energy security strategy is at the center of the geopolitics of global oil and gas markets, but the enormous scale of raw US power in global energy markets and geopolitics is accompanied by a conflicted and often confused domestic energy security debate. As China expands its energy investments, economic relations, and energy diplomacy in key energy exporting regions on an enormous scale, it is inevitable that China and the US will be bumping up against one another in a growing number of places. Chinese companies have also supplied significant amounts of oil products to Iran at a time when the US is trying to tighten availability of oil products to put new pressure. China's growing energy relationship with a key US ally in the Gulf demonstrates the complex diplomatic interplay of China's energy interests and Sino. The notion of triangularization and the interaction of Chinese and US energy interests in resource-rich countries remains a very uncertain territory.