chapter  5
Resourcing Sino–Australian relations 1
WithThomas Nicholas
Pages 19

For Australia, the attempt to balance China and the US has led to a bifurcated foreign policy. On the one hand, Australia relies heavily upon the ongoing growth of China's economy and is increasingly allowing direct Chinese investment, albeit with heightened concerns over its own resource sovereignty. On the other hand, Australia is unwilling to relinquish its strategic and cultural ties with the US. China's critical need is to gain resources for the infrastructure commitments required for realising its modernisation. Australia's depth and diversity of resources, as well as its geographically contiguous location and the relative safety of the shipping lines, makes it a logical choice for Chinese economic and commercial attention. Australian political parties at the federal and state levels have accepted China as a power of growing economic and commercial significance. As China takes more and more Australian exports, more and more Australians come to rely on China for their livelihood.