chapter  6
The true north – strong and full of energy
China’s resource diplomacy and Canada–US relations
WithWenran Jiang, Zweig David, Siqin Kang
Pages 16

This chapter evaluates the extent to which China's rise and its expanding energy ties with countries around the world has an impact on United States(US) ties with that third, energy-rich country, Canada. Canadian government support for exporting resources, complex Sino-Canadian relations, and publicly expressed US Congressional concerns about Chinese incursions into its energy security. The National Energy Policy Development Group, which was constituted by then US President Bush, reported on its findings in a lengthy policy analysis, replete with numerous suggestions as to how to enhance US energy security and efficiency, and decrease costs for US citizens. As Chinese investment in the Canadian energy sector grew with more than US$16 billion in 2009-2011 alone, so did concerns over whether Chinese money was beneficial or harmful to Canada. China's growing investment interest in Canada's natural resources is adding to the diversity of domestic and foreign funding sources available to finance Canadian natural resources projects.