chapter  7
Angolan agency and Chinese and US oil politics, 1975–20141
WithVines Alex
Pages 18

China and United States (US) are the two leading importers of Angolan oil, although US imports of Angolan crude are dramatically declining. Angola is today a key player in Africa's oil industry as a major supplier and exporter and the newest member of Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). China and the US delayed establishing diplomatic relations for some years after Angolan independence in 1975 did not suffer in terms of access to Angola's oil. Asian oil companies are finding that African states are calling the shots and those joint venture partnerships, including with their rivals or host national oil companies, are the future. It may be just a question of time because the oil landscape is changing and there is room for triangularization on mutual challenges, including obtaining sufficient oil production and international best practice for the global economy. There are few signs of triangulation between the US and China in Angola over oil.