chapter  4
“We are all transnationals now”: the relevance of transnationality for understanding social inequalities
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This chapter investigates foreign youths' integration within the host society and places particular emphasis on a neglected issue in Italian sociological literature: national identity. Tangible and immediately recognizable symbols of Italy's new face are well-represented by at least two public figures: Cecile Kyenge and Mario Balotelli. National identity may be a useful topic to address some official statements issued to the press by the aforementioned personalities may help in finding a reply. The geographic area of origin reflects the heterogeneous composition of immigration in Italy quite well. Eastern Europeans and Africans are predominant among foreigners, whereas the share hailing from the EU16 is numerically irrelevant. A pan-national category is chosen more often by foreigners and children of mixed couples; the results are consistent with American surveys. The propensity of foreigners to abandon the country-of-origin identity increases if they associate with Italian peers.