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This chapter begins with a comparative analysis of two tiny immigrant communities that settled in Ireland a century ago, and how they fared. Gerald Goldberg, son of an immigrant Litvak, described the arrival of Jews in Cork as an accident. Reaching the port of Queenstown, they were duped by the colloquial claim that 'America is the next parish'. The link with Casalattico would seem to find further corroboration in the remarkably high proportion of Italians-nearly four in every five-in Ireland in the mid-1980s who had been born in the region of Lazio. Dublin's Italians were more likely to have had Tuscan connections a century ago; they included Joseph Patrick Nanetti MP, one-time lord mayor of Dublin, son of Giuseppe, a sculptor from Lucca. The Annual Clinical Report of the Coombe, another maternity hospital, noted that 'media reports continue to draw attention to the number of pregnant asylum seekers attending maternity hospitals throughout the country for delivery'.