chapter  10
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Examining the Disconnect Between Mass Mobilizations and International Trade Union/NGO Networks in Struggles over Bilateral Free Trade and Investment Agreements

WithAziz Choudry

ABSTRACT Bilateral free trade and investment agreements (FTAs) have proliferated since the

breakdown of multilateral negotiations. In several countries, these newer agreements have

elicited large movements and mobilizations, yet have attracted relatively little attention from

transnational ‘civil society’ networks concerned with global justice. This article suggests that

there has frequently been a disconnect between major mobilizations against FTAs in a

number of countries which have often brought together diverse sectors of societies, and

international NGO and trade union networks, especially those located in North America and

Europe which have generally been slow to address the bilateral deals. This article highlights

some specific challenges for educating for mobilization against these agreements, and shares

insights from grounded struggles against FTAs. It outlines growing connections and

collaborations for resistance between movements, and views movements themselves as

significant sources of conceptual resources for analysis and future resistance against FTAs.