chapter  5
Gendered Insecurity and the Enduring Impacts of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) in Northern Uganda
Pages 17

This chapter explores how discourses of security and Security Sector Reform (SSR) in post-conflict settings are far from gender-neutral. It describes the multiple and contradictory versions of security that arise in societies transitioning away from violence. Post-conflict actors view security sector reforms as pivotal to much postconflict reconstruction. The chapter argues that current post-conflict security discourse, elevating the protection of and accountability for physical security and narrowly defining what counts as physical violence, positions certain kinds of violence as more important for redress than others. The centrality of gender either masculine or feminine constructs has not, however, necessarily been obvious within the traditional security paradigm. In the context of accountability for gender-based violence experienced during hostilities, both legal reform and practical strategies are necessary elements absolutely linked to security. Greater appreciation of the organic link between lack of gender security and entrenched structures of inequality and discrimination is needed at all levels.