chapter  8
Considering Gender Relations and Culture in the Psychosocial Adaptation of Individuals and Communities Affected by Sexualized Violence in African Confl icts S OPHIE C. YOHANI
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Liberia is an excellent case study to explore development initiatives to end sexual violence against women in conflict and post-conflict countries. This chapter focuses on Liberia as a case study for a particular kind of development work that seeks to educate the public about new laws and change cultural attitudes about sexual violence against women. Johnson-Sirleaf relies on different sectors, the law, the state, and the development community to enact reforms that enhance women's rights in particular and to help pursue the agenda of ending the terrible violence against women that was one feature of the Liberian war. The Ministry of Gender is tasked with coordinating work on violence against women and women's rights in general. The Carter Center receives funding from donor agencies to conduct their rule of law work in Liberia. The post-war government also seeks to implement the Rape Law passed just before President Johnson-Sirleaf took office.