chapter  11
Justice and Reparations for Rwanda’s Enfants Mauvais Souvenirs
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During the three-month genocide in Rwanda, the Interahamwe 3 as well as members of the Forces armées rwandaises (FAR) and civilians systematically attacked women and girls, using rape as an instrument of genocide (Human Rights Watch 2004, 7). It is estimated that between 250,000 and 500,000 rapes were committed. This period of massive sexual violence has clearly had irreparable physical and psychological consequences for the women and girls who were victimized. In particular, Rwandan women who contracted HIV/ AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections and those who developed permanent injuries, such as fi stula, are still traumatized and affected years after the violence ended (Human Rights Watch 2004, 7). For women who gave birth to a child as a result of the violence, the scars have been amplifi ed.